Awesome animation workflow reference from Jeff Williams, Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios


A post shared by Jeff Williams (@jdublish) onAug 9, 2017 at 10:02am PDT

Author Notes

(For educational purposes only.)
It's #workflowwednesday! This comes from a conversation I had on twitter recently (you know who you are!) about reference. (You'll notice this shot started with Moana standing on the boat at the start of the shot and was changed to having her sit. That happens!) As for reference, I don't edit it too heavily. I like to use my reference as a starting point at the beginning of a shot and then I set it aside so that I'm not copying it too closely. I want to be able to make creative interpretations between looking at my reference and creating the animation. Take what's useful and interesting from the reference and plus it! •
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