Learn how to use Lockdown in After Effects to do a face replacement similar to an A.I. deep fake by flomotion

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Lockdown Face Replacement Tutorial for After Effects

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Lockdown is a revolutionary new plug-in that allows you to track warping surfaces inside After Effects.

This plugin is a game-changer for VFX work in After Effects. Never before could you track warping surfaces so easily!

Lockdown Version 1.3 is now available

Lockdown for After Effects Tutorial

Lockdown is the newest plug-in for after effects which allows you tot track warping surfaces.

It tracks uneven surfaces and warps your footage around it.

In this in depth tutorial you will learn how to set up lockdown.

You will learn how to create tracking points and how to adjust them.

Also you will learn how to interpolate the points and how to add aditional ones to extend your mesh.

I will show you the workflow on how to generate a mesh, stabilize it an add stuff to it, like in this example I will add in Brad Pitt's face onto my own.

Learn how to roto parts of the face to make it more convincing.

I will also show you how you can import tracking data from mocha and the built in face tracker into lockdown.

How to track, set trackpoints, generate a mesh and many many usefull tipps and tricks along the way.

This is customizable version of a deepfake that is usually generated with AI, but in After Effects with greater control over the effect.


Lockdown 1.3.0 from aescripts


I will also talk about how to position tracking markers for best motion and facial tracking as well as defining track points within the plugin. 

Also will I share my thoughts and ideas from my research and development time while preparing for this tutorial.

Setting up a track in mocha and with the face tracker tool in After Effects will also be covered.

Everything within adobe after effects cc 2020.


Keying tracking and compositing will also be covered.


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