OutxfOrder does a nice overview on how to use Lockdown to track difficult surfaces in After Effects

Tools used

Author Notes

Hey guys I'm back with more tutorials. In this tutorial I will be doing a beginner's guide to how to motion track using the plugin Lockdown. I think this is the best way to motion track irregular objects but I will also do a kingpin tutorial and more motion tracking tutorials and videos in the future. Leave a like if you enjoyed :)


◡≦ Any project or edit.

◡≦ Adobe After Effects (I use latest version)

◡≦ Basic Editing Knowledge

◡≦ Lockdown from Aescripts

◡≦ Any clip

[▪▪] Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

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q: How do I get ZDepth or green screen clips?

a: You can only get them in older video games (no val, fortnite, pubg, cw, mw, etc)

q: How do I get high framerate clips?

a: Only older games by slowing the timescale down or using mvm_streams

q: How do you bring up the search for effects?

a: It's a VideoCopilot plugin called FXConsole


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