Learn how to render awesome volume files known as VBD directly in After Effects using the Helium plugin. You can find tons of already created VDB files for free or you can create them using a 3D or fluids simulation app.

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After Effects Plugin Tutorlal (Helium) VDB Volume Effect l Helium VDB 볼륨이펙트



As the AE plugin Helium has been updated to V5, it is now possible to render Vdb volume files.

VDB is a 3D-based volume file such as smoke, fire, clouds, etc.

Let's see how to render Vdb in 'After Effects' through Helium plugin.

I hope it will help you with your work


* The video was created with my personal thoughts without any sponsorship of the plugin *



AE플러그인인 Helium V5업데이트되면서 Vdb 볼륨파일을렌더링있게되었습니다

VDB 3D 베이스의연기, , 구름, 등과같은볼륨파일입니다 

Helium 플러그인을통해에페트이펙트에서 Vdb렌더링하는방법알아알아보겠습니다



* 플러그인에대한어떠한협찬없이오직개인적인생각으로영상이제작되었습니다 *


Plugin info : https://aescripts.com/helium/

Free VDB Site : https://jangafx.com/software/embergen...


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