If you’re totally new to character animation in After Effects, there’s no quicker or easier way to get started than with Limber Lite. In this short video I’ll show you how to add limbs to a simple character and make them work within the animation.

Tools used

Author Notes


00:00 Introduction

01:00 Adding and styling the first limb

01:52 Parent the controllers

02:45 Limber effect properties

08:14 Adding the back arm

04:03 Making the front leg

05:04 Controller rotation

06:48 The last leg

07:17 Preview and wrap up

This is the second of two videos. In part one, I show you the basics of how Limber Lite works, and how to alter the look of the limbs to suit different characters. Check it out here: https://aescripts.com/learn/how-to-customize-limbs-with-limber-lite/


Get Limber Lite at aescripts: https://aescripts.com/limberlite/

Get Limber (full version): https://aescripts.com/limber/

Limber User Guide: https://support.animatable.co/v/limbe...

Follow Animatable on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/animatabled...



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