Let how to leverage the power of Marker Remap in After Effects to stop keyframing and start remapping!

Tools used

Author Notes

The new version of Marker Remap is the most versatile way of using layer markers to retime sequences. Featuring an updated UI, see 5 simple examples of how to retime and reuse animated assets with minimal keyframing. Marker remap lets you retime compositions using split layer markers in two easy steps! First, add timeline markers, split around key actions in the composition you’d like to retime. Once placed into a parent comp, simply click “enable retiming” and... that’s it! Adjust, delete, rearrange or retime correspondingly-named layer markers. You can use the marker remap panel to: - Extract all or some comp markers - copy and paste entire marker sets across layers and comps - and even shift markers for easy timing edits. Marker remap will change the way you work - Reuse pre-comps at entirely different timings - Easily frame-hold pre-comp segments - Trigger pre-comp sequences in any order - Add flags to marker names to time reverse or loop marker segments - Retime complex sequences that would take hours to retime manually or that are confusing to keep track of with native time remapping keyframes or time stretching workflows Finally get some control over time remapping with Marker Remap.



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