Amazing visuals created with Stardust and overall fantastic piece by Tim Jockel. A must watch!

Tools used

Author Notes

Audio-visual performance featuring Majid Kessab. Concept, design and film by Tim Jockel. Music by Yessian Music / MCR.

HYPRA is a dynamic system that merges music, dance and digital art.
Majid Kessabs energetic expressions take the viewer on an accelerating journey while evolving light visuals react, intersect or reflect back on his movement. Tim Jockel created a versatile, completely artificial setup to explore the relationship between dance and digital art.

Dance – Majid Kessab
Film / Animation – Tim Jockel
Music – Yessian Music / MCR

Live Action Production – Honest Productions & Woodblock
Director – Tim Jockel
DoP – Kevin Krefta
Producer WOODBLOCK – Henrik von Müller
Producer HONEST – Dimitrios Karras
Prod. Coordinator – Lemia M. Bodden
Kinect Operator – Michael Heberlein

Special Thanks
Henrik von Müller; Ingmar Rehberg; Ben Bazzazian; Jeremy Glover


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