Great brand film using Paint & Stick and Newton by Content Creatures

Tools used

Author Notes

The film was created to tell internal comms teams of the value of animation when it comes to sharing ideas withlarge groups of people. We wanted to incorporate a variety animation techniques to showcase the wide range of work we do, but needed the final film to look coherent; using Paint & Stick to add a hand-drawn feel to so some of the Cinema 4D renders really helped us achieve that. We also used it to add people into the rollercoaster - this was much quicker and more efficient than creating characters in C4D. We also used Newton on the motion graphics segment where the yellow pillar collapses.

Content Creatures is an animation and branded content agency. Much of our work is in the corporate video production sector and, therefore, covered by NDA's. That means we don't always get to share our best work with the world. To help sell Content Creatures to potential clients we decided to make a brand film that told a simple story - ideas are best shared when they are moving. The animated film uses a variety of styles and animation techniques, which allows us to showcase the range of work we do; there are elements of character animation, motion graphics and 3D throughout.

The script and music were written and produced inhouse.
Narrator: Robert Ashby


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