Nice animation using Newton, Explode Shape Layers, GifGun and more by James Tyler-Ward

Tools used

Author Notes

A little personal project paying homage to the humble cup of drip brewed coffee. Since a diasgreement with dairy forced me to give up my flat white addiction and switch to the dark side, I have become quite fascinated with the process of brewing filter coffee.

It's quite a scientific undertaking, the amount of beans, the coarseness of the grind, the temperature of the water, the flow-rate of the pour - it's a serious business. Unlike this film.

I used Newton for the coffee beans in the grinder hopper popping about as they're grinded. It's actually a really small part of it but so so effective - no idea how I could have got such a realistic effect otherwise. Other than that I guess a lot the other scripts I used were more workflow focussed - so Rift, Keysmith and Explode Shape layers are at the heart of every project I do (can't imagine working without them!). All the water simulations were done with either Trapcode Particular or Boil It

Illustration, Design & Animation
James Ward

Music and Sound Design
Joe Watkinson


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