Kevin Lustgarten used Composite Brush to create this awesome effect!

Tools used

Author Notes

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These are the steps I followed to make my road wakeboarding video:

1. Shoot

2 videos: road, and wakeboarding (I tried to shoot them at a similar time of the day to try to get their lighting to match).

2. Stabilize both videos to make them easier to work with.

3. Use the water as your green screen, and key out the blue from the wakeboarding video using Keylight or Composite Brush.

4. There will still be a lot left to remove from that shot. Mask out everything but the subject and the water splashes (I did this frame by frame).

5. Animate the subject’s position to make it look like they’re avoiding the cars, as if they were actually on the road.

6. Correct the color on both videos until they match better.

7. Use the original wakeboarding layer as a displacement map to slightly distort the road video and make it look a bit wavy.

8. Add some camera shake. The one I added is the same one I removed when I stabilized the road video, so the camera shake you’re seeing is natural.

9. Add sound effects of cars honking to make it more “realistic”.

10. You’re all set!

Questions, suggestions? Please let me know in the comments!

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