Jake shows how to use Depth Scanner to create a tilt-shift effect in After Effects

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Tools Mentioned:

FX Console: https://www.videocopilot.net/blog/201...

Timelord: https://www.battleaxe.co/timelord

Void: https://www.battleaxe.co/void

Depth Scanner (Affiliate): https://aescripts.com/depth-scanner?a...


A tilt-shift lens is one of the craziest lenses you can use on a camera and it gives a surreal miniature feeling to basically anything you point it at. We can recreate this feeling in After Effects with just a few steps and layer on some other creative techniques to make boring stock footage look like it was shot with a cinema camera. I'll show you how to create a completely customizable faux tilt-shift effect and how to optimize it for render time. We'll also look at how to add some cinematic lens effects and distortions for a more analog feel, color grade the footage with Lumetri color, plus how to create a chromatic aberration RGB split. Then we'll learn how to use Photoshop to generate a depth map using AI in order to more accurately blur your shots, and how to use a third-party plugin called Depth Scanner to do the same thing for video.


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00:00 Intro

00:24 Tilt-Shift Basics

04:48 Storyblocks

05:31 Custom Depth Maps

09:33 Cinematic Bokeh

11:34 AI Depth Maps

13:51 Anamorphic Aspect Ratio

15:02 Color Grading

17:02 Chromatic Abberation

20:39 Depth Scanner

23:33 More Examples

26:03 Thanks for watching!


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