A must watch for any #AfterEffects and #Cinema4D animator. 5 years old but still rings true today!


Author Notes

Money Money Money - "Gettin Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen (Fuck Comic Sans Fuck Papyrus, Too)"

Buy the song on iTunes - bit.ly/91or5y

Production Company: Daily Planet Productions ltd. (dailyplanetltd.com)
Music: Money Money Money (myspace.com/karatekickthegame)
Lyrics: Money Money Money & Jon Adler
Producers: Jon Adler, Brad Chmielewski (twitter.com/beerad) & Vanida Vae (twitter.com/V_Vae)
Director: Jon Adler
Director of Photography: Aaron Hui
Camera: Aaron Hui
Animators: Brad Chmielewski, Vanida Vae, Jon Adler, Jess Donofrio, Scott Pellman
Rotoscopers: Maeve Price, Anne Rooney, Drew Kordik, Shawn Sahara
Editor: Maeve Price (twitter.com/mahaevey)


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