Great Newton3 tutorial covering the core functions by SideshowFX

Tools used

Author Notes

In this video we learn the core features of the After Effects 2d physics engine plugin Newton3.

The third version of Newton brings a new interface, built-in animation tools, a host of other enhancements and 2 new joint types to use in your motion designs and animations.

We cover the joint system in a second video. To view that click this link:

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Separating Shapes 6:44 

Density 12:18 

Friction 16:15

Bounciness 18:17

Mesh Precision 18:54

Velocity 21:26 


Render 32:27

Linear Damping 34:33

Convex Hull 38:38

Collide Objects 41:52 

Export Contacts 43:36

Magnetism 45:52

Animation timeline 55:16




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