Premiere Gal shows how easy it is to automate repetitive tasks in Premiere Pro using Automation Blocks. As examples, she shows how to create a one-click slideshow and automatically create animated captions.

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Automation Blocks by Mamoworld is an extension for Premiere Pro designed to automate time-consuming tasks like keyframing or animating text or exporting multiple clips. Firstly, it can simplify creating slideshows. Users can select photos, and the tool automatically imports them into a new sequence, and applies a Ken Burns effect. The duration is based on Premiere Pro's default photo duration settings. Users can modify sequence presets according to their preferences. It supports vertical slideshow formats which is useful for social media content like reels and TikToks.

Automation Blocks allows for easy creation of wiggle or shake effects, like earthquake shakes or subtle movements. It involves selecting a clip and simply running the wiggle preset.

Automation Blocks can also quickly style and animate your captions. Users can convert captions to a graphics layer, apply presets, and apply instant animation to the opacity and scale. The tool offers the flexibility to create custom presets and save them for future use.



00:00:00 - Introduction to Automation Blocks

00:00:32 - Creating One-Click Slideshows

00:01:19 - Customizing Slideshow Presets

00:02:14 - Creating One-Click Wiggles and Shakes

00:03:22 - Using Custom Wiggle Presets

00:04:35 - Introduction to Premiere Gal Toolkit

00:05:10 - Adding Instant Animation to Captions

00:06:07 - Creating Caption Animation Presets

00:08:14 - Conclusion and Pricing

00:09:03 - Closing Remarks



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