Inspired by Studio Kiln's work on their campaign for the Royal Television Society RTS Cambridge Convention 2023, we invite you to create a similar rendering using Newton 4 for After Effects and our "PrepareSoftBodies" tool.

Tools used

Author Notes

Original work by Studio Kiln's here:


Note: PrepareSoftBodies is installed with Newton 4 if you have used the aescripts manager app. Otherwise, it is available in the Newton 4 archive (including the demo version). This tool is free of charge.


00:00 Setting up the composition and elements.

00:50 Using PrepareSoftBodies to use our text as softbodies in Newton

02:00 Create and animate the walls

3:25 Setting up our simulation in Newton

4:10 Add recursive Weld joints and adjust them.

5:25 Add Piston Joints to preserve the aspect of some letters

6:10 Adding Blob joints and adjust scene.

7:05 Render the simulation and back to After Effects for final adjustments.


Newton4 for free with full functionality, limited only by a 25-frame export restriction.

Download and discover its capabilities today!


If you would like to submit a piece for inclusion in our INSPIRATION category please submit it to us here or tag #aescripts on Instagram.