We are pleased to announce our first 360/VR Video Challenge! Create a 360/VR Countdown video using SkyBox Studio in After Effects and have a chance to win prizes and create something for your portfolio. In 360/VR it’s crucial that the viewer orient themselves in 360 space at the beginning of a film or video. What is the best way to do this? Numerically? Graphically? You show us! Can be a numeric countdown, like Hamilton+Kidd put in their LeMans 360 video below. Can incorporate live action, or can be graphics and text generated in After Effects. Be creative! Anything goes – you are helping to create a new film-making vocabulary for 360.

How To Participate:

Create a 360/VR Countdown video. You must use SkyBox Studio in After Effects.
Duration: (20-60 seconds)
Contest Deadline:

11:59 PM EST Wednesday November 11th, 2015.

The winners have been chosen! 

Check them out here: https://aescripts.com/learn/winners-of-the-skybox-studio-360-countdown-challenge/

Need inspiration?

Countdown in Hamilton+Kidd Nissan Drives LeMans

Classic film Academy Leader


CC Subscription for 1 year ($599.88)

aescripts + aeplugins
iExpressions 2 Full Bundle ($199.99)
TypeMonkey ($89.99)
LayerMonkey ($119.99)
Plexus ($199.99)

FirePro W5100 ($499)

Freedom 360
F360 Camera Mount for 6 GoPros ($479)

GoPro Hero4 Session ($499)

3 x SkyBox Studio* (3 x $189)
*If you win and already own SkyBox Studio, we will reimburse your purchase price.

FreeForm Pro (3 x $299)
Terra Pack Trio (3 x $99)
Aqua Pack (3 x $49)
ShapeShifter AE (3 x $249)

Rampant Design
2K or 4K Download (3 x $199)

Red Giant
Trapcode Particular ($399)
Trapcode Form ($199)

And more to come!