Beautiful, ethereal 360º animation using Element 3D and SkyBox Studio by Jesse Newman

Soulscapes logo teaser

Tools used

Author Notes

This logo animation is for my latest project, Soulscapes, an ambitious attempt to distill and visualize my spiritual beliefs for my children. A project I started nearly 2 decades ago and hope to finish by 2019, it describes the journey of a soul from birth to death and back. When completed, it will be a fully-immersive 360 degree experience.

The 360 experience is made possible by the geniuses at Mettle, whose SkyBox plug-in (which is so intuitive it took only 15 minutes until I was using it in production). Skybox transforms my storytelling capabilities by creating a truly immersive environment which offers the viewer unprecedented control of their experience. 

Big thanks to Chris and Nancy at Mettle!!!

The logo for Soulscapes was designed by John Langdon, the genius responsible for creating the ambigrams of Dan Brown's Angels & Demons and The DaVinci Code. Connecting with John on this has been one of the highlights of this project so far.

The music is by M83, whose work seems to resonate with me on so many levels.


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