Stardust version 1.5.0 will be available soon is now available.It is another Free update to all current customers.

Tools used

Author Notes

Stardust’s already extensive toolset has been boosted with a new major addition – the Volume workflow. Integrating the world-renowned openVDB technology seamlessly into Stardust, Volume objects can now easily be created. Convert entire particle systems and models to volumes, and manipulate the result with various tools such as booleans, filters, noise and more. Other additions to Stardust’s toolset include the ability to create stunning 3D wireframes to achieve captivating and stylish outlining of objects, “Extrude Edges” to create elaborate 3D objects from the edges of masks and text with a few clicks, along with various other tools and improvements.

Stardust is an innovative Adobe After Effects plug-in for the creation of stunning particle and object-based motion graphics and effects. Its groundbreaking interface allows for combining 3D models, particles, effects and more, all existing and interacting in one shared space, enabling unparalleled integration between powerful tools delivering creative expression never before possible in After Effects. Make your vision come to life using 3D physics, Replica animation engine, 3D Model Library and hundreds of other features. Easily create complex effects using any of the hundreds of shipped presets, or build setups ground up using the modular workflow.


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