Lovely animation for a wedding save the date rendered with BG Renderer by

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Author Notes

This project was very personal so it was a labor of love. I spent a long time hashing out the style and illustrations so that I could set the right mood for the piece. Once I got to a place I was happy with there I moved into After Effects. That side of the project went pretty smoothly thanks to some pre planning. At the end I decided to add some texture and some light leaks to finish it up. It's always great to do some projects for fun to help remind you how fun our job is. 
Not a ton of tools besides Illustrator and After Effects in this one, other than BG Renderer of course! ;)

I got engaged a few months ago and I knew that I wanted to animate our save the date. This is the result. It is a visual journey of my fiance and my relationship.

I animated, designed and illustrated for this piece with some additional illustration and design by my lovely lady, Mary Ashley Krogh:

Help editing the music by:

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