Super awesome cel animated music video using Explode Shape Layers, PuppetTools, Rift and a bunch more aescripts tools by

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Hi there -- Eric from eg design here. I'm a big fan and user of aescripts, and I wanted to share our latest video for Minneapolis kindie rockers The Bazillions called "Water Cycle."

We chose animated watercolor to tell the story of precipitation, accumulation, evaporation, and condensation that makes the water cycle go! It's a tribute to the wide range of organic pre-digital animation styles featured on classics like Sesame Street and Electric Company. And it's one of our favorite Bazillions songs to date! Enjoy!

Find out more about The Bazillions at

eg design:

P.S. Keysmith, Rift, MatchRate, Paste Multiple Keyframes, PuppetTools 3, Explode Shape Layers (huge!) and RepositionAnchorPoint were among the many tools critical to this project's completion. Thank you aescripts!


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