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So this is the main screen animations for a space capsule we designed and built this summer. Main screen is actually three full hd 42" led tv's connected together as one screen. Total resolution was 3240 x 1920px. We mainly used After Effects and Cinema 4D. Reposition Anchor Point, AutoCrop, Ease and wizz, SmartBaker, Lines Creator, Paste Multiple Keyframes, pt_CropPrecomps, pt_ShiftLayers, True Comp Duplicator, Data Glitch and Plexus of course from RowByte. Trapcode Form and Particular was mostly used in the first scene. The rest two scenes mostly came from Cinema 4D, but all the futuristic user interfaces realized in After Effects mixed with C4D. 
Because of resolution we couldn't use H264 but Sorenson and X264 Codecs helped much. We tried splitting the animation into three pieces but then the multitouch application we embedded the videos had sync issues, so we used single piece animation. We configured a Intel I7 PC with GeForce 760 4 GB with four display inputs to feed the lcd tv's from single PC. That was working well after doing some tweakings and optimizations.
Total project timing was 52 days from sketching to design, animation, building content and the production of the capsule at same time.
Here you may watch the making of documentation :


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