Learn some After Effects animation tips & tricks using Newton with FedUP Studio Lab

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00:00 - intro

0:37 - The physics effects

01:50 - Newton 3

03:40 - Newton 3 tutorial

12:30 - Thanks!

Join us to the latest Tips & Tricks where we dig deeper into the inner workings of digital #2DAnimation and #2DPhysics with the help of Ivan Miguel, the director of We Are Ducks. Remember... all our podcasts are JARGON FREE! 

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WATCH WE ARE DUCKS HERE: https://youtu.be/vHLD9Flxmgs

Animation by Ivan Miguel | WE ARE DUCKS Soundtrack by ASCARI | Tips & Tricks Soundtrack by Francisco Magin

Ivan Miguel Website: https://ivanmiguel.com/

ASCARI Website: https://soundcloud.com/marta-ascari

Francisco Magin Website : https://www.magintone.com/                                                                                                               

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