Boone Loves Video shows you how to get those super sweet National Geographic style country borders using GEOlayers in After Effects.

Tools used

Author Notes

Here's how to get those super sweet National Geographic style colored country borders. Now time to work on my adjective game...


NatGeoMaps -

GEOlayers 3 -

Envato Elements -


Monday Maps - 

Tuesday Tools -


@Adobe Creative Cloud 

@National Geographic 






0:00 Intro

1:19 Create GEOlayers Mapcomp

1:40 Draw Country

1:52 Add Inner Glow Layer Style

2:50 Remove the Fill

3:30 Draw Another Country

3:39 Copy/Paste Layer Style

4:08 Create an Animation Preset

5:56 The Super Easy Method

6:22 Outro



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