Top notch work in Andrew Embury's new reel using Explode Shape Layers, KeySmith and many other aescripts tools. By the way, Andrew is becoming part of the aescripts family, please extend him a warm welcome!

Tools used

Author Notes

No matter the project at hand, I always believe in a clean workflow. It's paramount to any successful production. So when opening After Effects, I start off always with Load Project or Template at Startup to kick open my custom AE file folder structure to load all of my assets into, and allows me to focus on the edit and obviously, more time play with the pixels is always the best time. :)

After I load my designs in, I use Explode Shape Layers to help aid me in the process and start moving those precious shapes around. To refine my edit and to start locking things tigher I use a custom ft-Toolbar 2 to help use my finishing presets and my timing adjustment scripts. The real boon to my pipeline I find is the aid of KeySmith. That bugger always gets the right easing for me all the time from text, characters, and masks' (Now if there was a way to save and load presets...cough cough)
Hope you enjoy the reel as much as I enjoyed working on all of the projects and clients!


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