Another excellent spot from the super talented Tony Zagoraios that includes a free project download that includes his custom created typeface animation:  Space, Be Inspired


Author Notes

Sygnosis Brussels based consultancy asked us to create a short promo for their Space Contest named Odysseus II 
which inspires young people throughout Europe to engage in space exploration through a series of educational activities. We wanted to connect the meanings of space,education and youth in order to build an interesting narration with a subversive end. Have you ever imagined how it would be to draw space and bring it real in your own room? Our ODUSSEYS friends now can do..

Visit the Official Site :

Director : Tony Zagoraios
Art Director : Tony Zagoraios / Chris Golfis
Motion Designer : Tony Zagoraios
Graphic Designer : Chris Golfis (Till Noon)
3D Supervisor : Costas Fatsis
3D Animation : Modelling,Lighting,Texturing : Thanos Kagkalos
Compositing : Thanos Kagkalos, Pantelis Tsiachris
Music Score : Ted Regklis

Special thanx to Dimitris Micharikopoulos and Elena Tavlaki for trusting us from the first moment.

If you want grab my After Effect file from the SPACE BE,INSPIRED Scene to watch my typography animation philosophy and technique. Easy stuff but maybe inspiring for someone out there..:)


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