360º live video from Comic-Con using  SkyBox 360/VR Tools for #PremierePro and SkyBox VR Player by 30 Ninjas and the Conan show.

Tools used

Author Notes

This July at Comic-Con®, the CONAN show returned to San Diego for four shows on TBS. The CONAN show embraced VR as few TV shows have ever done: they shot the shows in VR  to be distributed simultaneously in 360 on YOUTUBE and SamsungVR. They also integrated the VR 360 footage into the live broadcast.

Viewers are able to see Hollywood stars Conan O’Brien, Will Smith, Jared Leto and more in multi-camera, live-stitched/ live-switched VR. 30 Ninjas was in charge of bringing the 360 content into the Conan show, and set up their own production unit that worked in parallel with the regular Conan broadcast production crew. Mettle SkyBox 360/VR Tools and SkyBox VR Player with custom coding were used in the production pipeline.

The four OZO camera-feed was set up and led to its own control room, where it was live-stitched, graded, 360 text and graphics were integrated, and fed into an HMD that Andy Richter, Conan’s side-kick, could view live during broadcast. The 360 live content was intercut with the 2D live footage, for a really unique live experience. It was a 360 production within a traditional production, and it all worked flawlessly, and conveyed the excitement of the Conan show like never before. The youtube view numbers say it all; the 360 content of the same event has double the views of the traditional 2D videos. Mettle is pleased to say that SkyBox 360/VR Tools for Premiere Pro were used to add all the 360 text and graphics, and some custom coding for SkyBox VR Player were part of the HMD viewing process. Thank-you 30 Ninjas for this great vote of confidence!


“We needed a platform that would allow for flawless delivery for 5 days of constant streaming of a 4 camera, live streamed, live stitched, live switched UHD stream, with graphics that are properly projected/distorted for 360. The feed also needed to be accessible at any time in headset by the broadcast show, to be “driven” by stars and members of their team. The clips below is potentially the first headset driven, projected 360 feed on broadcast cable TV.”


– Lewis Smithingham, CTO, 30 ninjas.


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