In this 2-part tutorial series, learn how to automate a text wipe transition with Automation Toolkit Free


Part 2

Tools used

Author Notes

In part 1 we will start creating the text wipe transition automation and in the next part, we will create the animation.

We will learn how to manipulate a composition, add new layers, align layers to each other and set their properties.

00:00 Intro

01:05 Step 1: Identify the selected text layer

02:02 Step 2: Create a solid layer

02:51 Step 3: Place the solid above the text layer

06:12 Step 4: Set the track matte of the text layer

06:42 Preparations for part 2

In part 2, we will finish the text wipe transition automation, create new keyframes and calculate custom keyframe value based on layer properties.

00:00 Intro

00:45 Step 1: Identify the selected text layer

01:20 Step 2: Add the second animation keyframe

05:29 Step 3: Add the first animation keyframe

08:35 How to make progress and improve the automation

09:15 Automation Toolkit Forum Showcase


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