Superb FUI design using Plexus, Explode Shape Layers and many other aescripts tools by the super talented Duncan Elms at Animal Logic VFX.

Tools used

Author Notes

Working at Animal Logic I was part of the team that created the UI/ Hologram elements for over a 150 shots for the film 'Insurgent'. 

The project went for around five months. 

© Lions Gate Entertainment.


Visual Effects by: Animal Logic VFX
Visual Effects Supervisors: Paul Butterworth, Kirsty Millar
Visual Effects Producer: Jason Bath
CG Supervisor: Matt Estela
Lead Designer: Anna Fraser
Motion Graphics Artists: Duncan Elms, Sam Scopelliti, Sam Hoh
CG Artists: Elias Atto, Aevar Bjarnason, Patricio Alejandro Ducaud, Damien Lam, Timothy Major, Tamas Molnar, Jonathan Ravagnani, Mike Thomson
Compositing Lead: Alex Fry
Visual Effects Coordinators: Ilona Blyth, Tu Nhi Lam


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