Epic brand film using Paint & Stick (beta), Immigration, Ease and Wizz and more by Cause + Effect

Tools used

Author Notes

Nick Jernigan (Designer, Art Director):

It has the original Frames I designed.
It was alot of fun to work on!
Like Chris said we used the http://monster-remotes.com/technodolly which exports the 3D data so you don't have to do clean up of tracking markers. It was all shot on the Arri Alexa
Once we had a locked edit everything was animated and rendered in C4D R16.
We used X-particles throughout and created custom animated textures for the buildings.
We used After Effects to to create the texture, via Particular, Form and good ole Fractal Noise.
To wrangle the many render passes from C4D we used immigration...which is one of my favorite tools! Makes working so much faster. 
Another great tool was Z-blur Plugin in for C4D and renders out true Z-buffer for better Post DOF. 
For the HUD/UI animations we used Ease and Wizz to create smooth yet techy animations.
Christopher Vranos (Compositor, Paint & Stick developer):
I think the most interesting/irregular part of the workflow was it was shot using a Technodolly, which records camera positions to an FBX. So you don't have to motion track. (Very helpful because we had a mostly empty scene, and there would've been nothing to track from the black background, white floor, or white table.)
There was also quite a bit of cleanup in the piece. The floor was black and white seamed, but we painted it into one white floor using Paint & Stick.


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