Holiday video card using  Explode Shape LayersGood ParentsKBarpt_Multiplane by Henning M. Lederer

Tools used

Author Notes

Thanks a lot for your great service again this year!
And is there a better way to do so with my traditional Christmas greeting for the holidays?
Produced and created of course with lots of tools and plugins from your site:

- Explode Shape Layers 3 is always an important tool – as I am generating the images in Illustrator, but preferring to work later on with shape layers in AE.
- For the first time, Good Parents was really helpful – reacting to the stop & go of the music.
- KBar2 was much used, making it easier to work with loop scripts and bouncing expressions. 
- And finally, pt_Multiplane is always my starting point when parallax movement is involved.

Animation: Henning M. Lederer ///
Music: Marius André ///
/// More cards here:
/// Weitere Karten gibt es hier:



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