Game trailer created using BAO Mask BrushElement 3DElementaryBG Renderer MAX  by Terebris Games

Tools used

Author Notes

We are a small video games studio from France. We're working on a puzzle game with a strong narrative background.

Our game artists and graphic designers recently worked on an intro cinematic for our game demo by turning several 2D illustrations into 3D scenes, to get something similar to an animated pop-up book. The video is currently unlisted but we'll publish it soon on YouTube and Instagram:

Our artists used several aescripts tools, for example:
- Particular to dissolve images into particles,
- BAO Mask Brush which allowed adding grass and details at the edge of 3D layers, so we could quickly change the masks to give a proper shape to the "3D" landscape,
- Elementary to animate Puppet pins using parented Nulls,
- BG Renderer


If you would like to submit a piece for inclusion in our INSPIRATION category please submit it to us here or tag #aescripts on Instagram.