Fantastic branding film using MochaImport+ and many other tools by Bonfire Labs

Tools used

Author Notes

We shot footage with a Canon 5d, Blackmagic and iPhone.

We gave ourselves the color red. The color of extremes, of passion, love, seduction, sex, danger, heroism, adventure, luck, marriage, happiness, and in some cultures, the sun and life itself. We didn’t give ourselves any money, or enough time. 
We worked solely on instinct, exited several comfort zones and dared ourselves to fail. This film was the outcome. Things were broken, burned, and irreparably damaged. We learned, (re)discovered, and invented out of necessity. We are indeed the sum of this work we create. Wearing the burns and scars of its making as badges of pride. As always we are…Never Afraid to Experiment. 
We used:
BGRender (of course) allowed us to work and render between projects. The brand film was a labour of love for us and we had to fit it around paying projects.
True Comp Duplicator allowed us to iterate our designs while keeping projects well organized.
MochaImport+ helped with managing tracking data from multiple artists.
I’m sure there were more too..
40 shots, 18 locations, 18 filmmakers, one color, no budget. The premier of our brand new brand film.
#TheColorRED #BrandFilm #TheUnexpectedResult #bonfirelabs


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