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L.A. is known for its sunshine, cars and freeways. But it becomes a magical place when you look out and see beautiful sunsets with silhouettes of palm trees, powerlines, and birds sweeping across the sky. We love the colors that grade the skies at dusk and sunset - gorgeous purples, blues, golds, oranges, and pinks. Cast in this light, you feel like dreams can come true.


This was a passion project that began four years ago when we reached out to hip hop dancer and choreographer Jason Chong to make a dance video together. It was a highly unusual dance video because Jason was going to be dancing on powerlines. 


With visual effects wizardry by Theo Alexopoulos and Gareth Smith (the same duo who created "Textless"), Jason was silhouetted above buildings, treetops, streets, and bridges all around Los Angeles against a range of fiery sunsets and gentle skies. Since Jason had to look like he was dancing on powerlines, we asked him to only move in one line. He managed to do that while still exuding a sense of joy and freedom with his dancing.


We were also very fortunate to have the song (famously covered by Nina Simone), now sung brilliantly by India Carney, arranged with a dance mix feel by musician Eric Potapenko, and mixed by bassist Jeremiah Napier.


Our small dream for this video came true with the collaboration of the kind and generous artists who came on board. Thank you!


Directed by: Gareth Smith & Jenny Lee

Animation: Theo Alexopoulos, Gareth Smith

Cinematography: Gareth Smith

Editing: Jenny Lee


Dancer: Jason Chong


Cover: “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free”

Sung by: India Carney

Vocal Arrangement: India Carney

Production and Engineering: Eric Potapenko

Mixing: Jeremiah Napier


Special Thanks: Heidi Shon, Cindy Chang, Matisse Hobbes, Natasha Leonnet, Composite Components, Ethos Society


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Eric Potapenko's YouTube channel:


Smith & Lee's website:



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