Black Mixture reviews some awesome After Effects techniques that include using LockdownElement 3DMocha Pro and Joysticks 'n Sliders.

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Today we are finally going over all of the super dope After Effect techniques you guys have been sending in! From motion graphics to VFX, there are so many awesome video effect tips and tricks that motion designers and vfx artists have been coming up with. In this video, we're going to be going over the process and techniques some of the best After Effect users are experimenting with and hopefully you'll leave inspired with some ideas of your own. Whether you're new to the program, or an expert that knows your way around After Effects, either way you're going to want to stick around because we'll talk about useful plugins like Element 3D and Lockdown, as well as useful workflows like design and animation with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. I'm super excited to share such inspiring works from the best submissions you sent earlier!  

Featured Artists:

Jon Ameen


Bazarow Xaker







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5 Best Motion Graphics Techniques in After Effects

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