Branding video using Pastiche, Newton and many more aescripts tools by Flow Creative.

Update:  The community has mentioned that this piece is heavily influenced by the We Are Royale - Manifesto which is embedded below.  Please let us know your thoughts in the comments on derivative work like this.

We Are Royale - Manifesto

Tools used

Author Notes for 'We are Flow'

Hello. We are Flow. We're an animation company, a design company, a creative production company. We do: Design, Animation, Motion, Infographics, Explainers, Branding, Adverts, Broadcast, Promos, Film, Video, Art Direction. But what we really do is... Come up with great ideas, and bring them to life. Ideas that fly. We take complex information, and make sense of it, make it easy to understand and share. But mostly, we're here to help. Help people communicate, help to tell stories, stories with feeling. Help brands to take off. It's what we do, and we have a lot of fun doing it. We are: Designers, Animators, Film-makers, Directors, Thinkers, Dreamers, Makers, Doers, Illustrators, Believers, Achievers, Beliebers. We are Flow.

Author Notes for 'We Are Royale - Manifesto'

We are a design company.
A creative production company.
A digital production company.
We are here to help connect people to the brands they love. 
We focus on the idea, and let design lead the technique. 
We are a group of diverse artists.
We’re lead by our common love for creative problem solving...
And compulsive late night archery.
We’re kind of like Voltron.
We work as a team, slaying creative problems with our mech-tiger swords.
We can do a lot of things.
Not all of them involving swords.
But above all, we’re here to help.
And make sure we all have fun while we’re at it.
We do what we do.
Because we love what we do.

Thank-you EchoLab for providing an AMAZING soundtrack.



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