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Author: Real Creations

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Quick Overview

keyboardFX is a tool for Adobe After Effects designed to generate fully customizable keyboards together with user-defined typing animations.

keyboardFX is a tool for Adobe After Effects, specifically designed to create
highly customizable keyboards together with user defined typing animations.

It saves you an incredible amount of designing time.
If you want to create an animated typing keyboard, this is your tool!

update notice:
v1.2 is free for all existing users!

Every keyboard is fully and dynamically customizable giving you the ability
to create virtually any type of keyboard.

There is also an option for Qwerty,
or Dvorak keyboard layouts.

Here are a few examples
created only with keyboardFX:

keyboardFX - examples

keyboardFX v1.2 introduces a new mode for better timing your animations by using markers!
For each generated text character, keyboardFX creates a layer marker,
which controls the typing animation and key illumination.

keyboardFX - using markers mode

keyboardFX v1.2 also introduces the '{{HOLD}} special code which gives
the ability to light-up key combinations or whole sections of the keyboard.

keyboardFX - HOLD example 1  keyboardFX - HOLD example 2

There are several animation presets included in keyboardFX. Here are a few examples:

keyboardfx_preset_1 keyboardfx_preset_2 keyboardfx_preset_3 keyboardfx_preset_4

You can illuminate all available keys on every keyboard, including
the Function, Modifier, Navigation and Numeric Pad Keys


keyboardFX - UI
In order for keyboardFX to illuminate other than alphanumeric keys (e.g. the function keys, arrow keys etc.) a special code must be typed. This special code is nothing more than double curly brackets before and after the name of the key.

For example:

You want keyboardFX to generate typing animations for the following two words:
Hello World! and immediately after that, you want to illuminate the "Page Down" key. What you should write in the text field of keyboardFX is:

Hello World!'{{PAGE DOWN}}

and then press the "Generate keyboard!" button.

Here is an example list of codes for the special keys of a PC keyboard.
(similar lists for all types of keyboards -Apple, Mobile/Tablet, Commodore- are provided in the included PDF user guide)

keyboardFX - special codes  

You can easily adjust the typing speed as well as the glow decay.
Below is an example of various values of the "glow decay" effect control.

keyboardFX - glow decay


keyboardFX - effect controls

Once the keyboard has been created, you will find the following effect controls in the effects panel of the keyboardFX shape layer.

If you like my work, please visit:

keyboardFX - footer
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