Mister Horse Installing Purchased Products

Sep 22, 2022 by Mister Horse

Mister Horse products are installed using Mister Horse Product Manager application, which has to be downloaded from our website here (the main download button for Animation Composer). All Mister Horse products are activated using Mister Horse account which is not the same as your aescripts + aeplugins account. 

When you purchase a product for Animation Composer or Premiere Composer you should receive an activation email looking like this:


Following the email should result in you having a Mister Horse account. If you haven't received the email you can activate the license by following these steps: 


1. Visit My Downloads & Licenses at aescripts.com

2. Click "info" right next to the purchased license

3. Follow the instructions, you should be redirected to Mister Horse website where you can create an account to have access to all Mister Horse products and updates. 


If anything doesn't work as expected please, let us know.