Silence Remover FAQ

Mar 24, 2023 by Animation Gym

- can't see the waveform in Silence Remover?

if you can't see the wave on silence remover that means there is an issue with the imported file so 

this video explains in detail the most common ways to work with silence remover

basically, for the mp4-mov files from a professional camera (like sony, canon, or any huge file size "uncompressed" like 4k etc) you need to :

  • put the file on the timeline 
  • and prepare audio (mp3 file)
  • and import it (choose file)in silence remover.
  • apply to your video file in the timeline in the premiere.

please note those steps to make Silence remover as fast as possible 


- prepare audio is not working?

These are the steps to prepare audio 

- put your video on the premiere pro timeline 

- select it and click (prepare audio ) from the Silence Remover panel

- it will open the media encoder and a dialog to save (mp3) file 

- after the "media encoder" finishes input the mp3 file into silence remover

a common issue that happens for windows users is the save dialog showing up behind the premiere 

I hope this video will help

-Silence remover panel flashes?

we tested the extension on several windows and mac machines and it works fine

this is probably a premiere issue  

what I suggest is to try resetting your premiere pro

  • To restore default preference settings, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) while the application is starting. You can release the Alt key or Option key when the splash screen appears.

  • And also update your GPU drivers if that doesn't work.

  • also, some antivirus software might block the extension

if the above fails please provide your windows version, 

- Best Way to do with large uncompressed files?

the best fast and easy way is to export .mp3 from the file the .mov or .mp4 and insert it into the (choose file) in the silence remover 
you can do that by just clicking the (prepare audio)

after that 

there is no need to convert .mov to .mp4 on the timeline
you just :
- put your video on the premiere pro timeline 
- select it and click (prepare audio ) from Silence Remover
- it will open the media encoder and a dialog to save (mp3) file 
- after the "media encoder" finishes input the mp3 file into silence remover 

for more info please check out
this video

thank you