Wayfinder FAQ

Aug 8, 2021 by Paul Conigliaro

How is this different than the Create Nulls from Paths script included in AE?

The Create Nulls from Paths script is a great addition to After Effects v15.0 (CC2018). However, this script (and the underlying expression) will only work on Bezier Path properties. Wayfinder will work on the entire result of a shape layer outline. This includes parametric generators like Rectangle, Ellipse, and Polystar as well as the result of other operators like Wiggle Paths, Merge Paths, Repeaters, and more!

My layer jumps to a weird spot. What's up?

Sometimes you might notice your Wayfinder Follower layer jump to the center of the comp (or another unexpected location) when animating the Leader Start, End, or Offset, or the Follower Path Placement or Path Offset. This is seems to only happen with certain size paths/layers and even then, seemling inconsistently.

The Wayfinder Leader effect has a new property as of 1.2.5: Precision. The default value is 7 and can go from 1 to 10. If your layer behaves unexpectedly, try adjusting this value down (or up, but usually down).

Note: Low precision values on really long and complicated shape outlines might not be accurate. Only adjust the Precision value as low as needed to fix this issue.