Great compositing breakdown video using Mocha ProAutoCropCopyMask2LayerTrue Comp DuplicatorLabelsKBar and more by Adam Blumert

Tools used

Author Notes

Compositing breakdown showreel of selected projects while working at Rio De Post in 2016 - 2019.
Mostly advertisement work.

In every shot all compositing aspects were made by me:
- 2D Tracking/Planar tracking,
- rotoscoping,
- prep,
- keying,
- stabilizing,
- integrating plates.

Tools used:
- AutoCrop
- MasksToLayers
- True Comp Duplicator
- Labels
- KBar

Software: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Boris FX Mocha.

Music by The Crystal Method - Weapons of mass distortion.

As always, thank you for watching.


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