Kevin Snyder shows how to use Stardust along with a variety of tools such as Quick Menu, Duik Bassel, Auto Crop 3, and a free oscillator script to create a very cool text write on animation in After Effects.

Tools used


Author Notes

The tools aren't mandatory, but they will provide insight into how you can work faster inside After Effects. The oscillation script will apply a sine wave oscillation pattern to any selected layer that consists of one or two dimensions. Stardust will be the core component of the tutorial as it focuses on custom colorized texture particles being moved with forces and utilizing cameras to take advantage of the native 3d space of Stardust. This is a flexible technique that can produce a wide variety of looks effortlessly. The final effect isn't limited to only text either, any graphic can be used to generate a write-on animation. Be sure to download the project file to check out the four different looks generated with small modifications.


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