In this tutorial we create an effect that is currently quite popular: We create a futuristic, semi-transparent communication screen that is attached to a persons fingers.  

Final result

In part 1 we do all the tracking work using mocha and MochaImport+. You also learn some rotoscoping techniques and also how to import mocha roto shapes as real AE masks. We use mocha, MochaImport+ and Red Giant Warp to pin the screen to the fingers.

Tutorial Part 1

In the first part of this tutorial , we created a futuristic finger screen in After Effects and in this second part, we are going to smash it. Furthermore, we use Knoll Light Factory in combination with iExpressions to make the screen even more realistic by adding some light reflections. Also we give the clip a nice look using Magic Bullet.

Tutorial Part 2

See also

iExpressions Used:

  1. Average Link 2D (Tutorial link)



Here you can download the original, unmodified clip for your own experiments: (18.4 MB)