In this interview Mathias Möhl talks with Emil, known for his youtube channel Virgeo1228, about creating high quality stop motion movies with LEGO and Auto Lip-Sync.

Emil’s has created very popular LEGO movies with millions of views and in this interview he gives an in depth explanation of his approach to create those movies. So if you wonder how you can make your stop motion projects more efficient, how to avoid common issues like flickering or unnatural movements, you will learn a lot from this video.

The interview covers all aspects of creating stop motion videos from story telling over equipment, shooting and post production.

Although Emil works with high end equipment, he also gives lots of tips how to create LEGO movies with a very low budget. Concerning the software, for example, his workflow is based on the Adobe Creative Cloud with a strong focus on After Effects and Photoshop. But Emil also talks about the free software MonkeyJam as a good solution to get started with stop motion. Another guerrilla filmmaking tip is to shoot at night in order to be able to control your lighting more accurately.

Emil also talk about why it is important for him to animate the mouth of the LEGO characters when they are talking. He also explains why he is using our After Effects extension Auto Lip-Sync for that and how it saves him a huge amount of time.


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Can you give us a bit of background about yourself? (at 1:47)

What are the steps of your workflow from the first idea to the finished product? (at 5:15)

What are your secrets achieve this high quality and avoid flickering or unnatural movements, for example? (at 9:12)

You already explained that you are using After Effects and Photoshop. Do you also use Premiere Pro? (at 14:21)

What are the key features of After Effects and Photoshop that are essential for your work? (at 15:27)

What is your experience with our Auto Lip-Sync extension? (at 17:43)

Why do your LEGO characters need an animated mouth at all. Does it make a difference for story telling? (at 23:38)

What's the best way to get started with creating LEGO stop motion videos? (at 25:43)

How easy is it to get started? Is it realistic to create a first movie in just two weeks? (at 32:19)
What training websites, online forums or other learning resources do you recommend? (at 35:22)

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