Fantastic animated collaboration using Paint & Stick by Ricardo Mendes and other amazing brazilian animators.

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Great work with awesome people. :)

This is my shot: 00:40

Feeel the power! ⚡⚡⚡


Layer Lemonade is a Brazilian blog dedicated to Motion Design and Animation. To celebrate our one year anniversary, we created the collaborative project "Layer Lemonade Year One".
We invited 12 Brazilian animators to create a 5 seconds animation each, using only the mascot of the blog The animations were not directed with any previous theme, nor were they required to obey pre-established aesthetics. The intention was for each artist to give their face to the mascot, with total freedom to change colors, textures, shapes and everything. With such projects, we convey the idea that despite the differences between all, there is a point that unites us: Art. Whatever it is, whatever it may be, wherever it may be, our common ground is this and we can thrive if there is a union around the common good. Thanks to all participants!
Animations by:
Mau Borba - State Design
Henrique Barone - Giant Ant
Aleksander Saharovski - Freelancer
Bee Grandinetti - Freelancer
Dhyan Shanasa - Layer Lemonade
UP - Inspiring Motion
Pedro de Britto - Freelancer
Thiago Maia - Cookie Studio
Ricardo Mendes -
Felippe Silveira - Mowe Studio
Província Studio
Original/New Logo Design - Gabi Vallu
Lettering Design - Lin Pimentel
Sound Design & Music - Sizzle Audio


If you would like to submit a piece for inclusion in our INSPIRATION category please submit it to us here or tag #aescripts on Instagram.