Learn how to export 3D animations as Lottie in Adobe After Effects with the Extrudalizer plugin by IVG Design

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Learn how to export 3D animations as Lottie in Adobe After Effects with the Extrudalizer plugin by IVG Design. In this tutorial, we will create a 3D animation of a coin flip where we’ll cover the entire process from extruding and animating elements, to optimizing and exporting as a Lottie. Now, let’s get creative and enhance your animation skills today!


Download Extrudalizer here https://aescripts.com/extrudalizer


Get started with LottieFiles for After Effects https://lottiefiles.com/plugins/after...


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00:29 Tutorial to creating 3D animation begins

00:35 Creating a shape

00:44 Converting layer to a “Bezier Path” layer

00:52 Centering the anchor point

01:02 Adding basic animation

01:31 Using the Extrudalizer plugin

02:10 Adding animation to create coin flip

03:19 Hiding the anchor point

03:42 Adjusting colors of the coin 

04:08 Optimizing for Lottie

04:22 Exporting animation with the LottieFiles plugin


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