Learn how to use Extrudalizer in After Effects to convert 2D layers into Bodymovin-Lottie friendly 3D objects by VerticDesigns

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Extrudalizer plugin in Adobe After Effects tutorial on how to turn any 2D shapes and objects into 3D with the default Adobe After Effects workspace. Turn any custom 2d shapes into 3d with Adobe After Effects Extrudalizer Plugin where you can animate 3d shapes and objects in a normal 2d layer. This is perfect for animations and lotties where you can export your Adobe After Effects animation as a video or a lottie for the web. Extrudalizer Plugin is an amazing and powerful plugin that gives you the freedom to customize a 2d shape as a 3d shape with multi options available to change.


Plugin: https://aescripts.com/extrudalizer/

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0:00 - Intro

0:16 - Enable Extrudalizer

0:29 - Create a Basic Cube

1:17 - Gradients & Solid Sides

2:16 - 3D Transform Controls 

3:18 - Appearance 

5:08 - Create Custom Shapes

6:18 - Bezier Lines

6:57 - Custom Shape Colours

7:22 - Map Art

9:54 - Animation

10:26 - Credits



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1. intro - El Secreto - Yung Logos

2. Outro - Illusions - Anno Domini Beats


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