Beautiful design and animation using EaseCopy, Particular and more by Jr.Canest

Tools used

Author Notes

There weren't many plugins used, to be honest (other than ft-toolbar, easecopy and particular that i use for almost every project) it was all animated in AE and then exported in a black and white to create the shadows in C4D.

I had the opportunity to work with Ege Soyuer and Hornet on this animated piece for MSK.
Working with Ege, I helped develop the look of the series and animated an entire spot.

Director: Ege Soyuer
Hornet Inc.
Executive Producer: Zack Kortright
Producer: Cathy Kwan
Storyboard Artists: Jorge Canedo Estrada, Ricardo Villavincencio, Erica Gorochow, Justin Lawes, Felipe Posada 
Designers: Jorge Canedo Estrada, Ricardo Villavincencio, Justin Lawes
Animators: Chris Guyot, Justin Lawes, Jorge Canedo Estrada, Christian Haberkern, Yussef Cole
Supervising Technical Director: Sang Jin Bae
Editor: Stephanie Andreou, Brad Gallant

Client: Memorial Sloan Kettering
Agency: Pereira & O'Dell New York
Executive Creative Director: Dave Arnold
Creative Director: Jake Dubs
Creative Director: Sara Worthington
Art Director: Alex Parodi
Copywriter: Michelle Lamont
Head of Production, NY: Tennille Teague

Audio: Heard City
Music: Search Party
Composer: Nicholas Wright


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