Awesome tutorial on how to use #C4D and Connect Layers, Layer Stalker, Easy Bake and Plexus in #AfterEffects to create FUI elements easily.

Tools used

Author Notes

In this live presentation from NAB 2017, freelance FUI designer Robyn Haddow breaks down her techniques for two projects. The first is a visualization of a "Data Cube" which stores all of the information about a person in a style inspired by DNA sequencing. The second project is a futuristic semi-mechanical interpretation of the DNA molecule.

Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction
00:34 Demo Reel
04:19 Data Cube
06:58 Modeling the Data Cube
07:50 Breaking up the Cube with PolyFX
12:49 Lighting with Physical Sky
15:13 Adding Volumetric Ligths
23:23 White Lines and Points with Sketch and Toon
27:53 DNA Marker Scanning Effect
34:16 Linking Layers in After Effects
36:39 Making a DNA DNA Helix
39:00 Modeling the DNA
41:36 Detailing the Look
43:57 Making the look more Dynamic
48:05 Creating Color Variation
53:36 Plexus for Data Connection



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