friedpixels delivers another awesome Stardust tutorial on FUI design

Tools used

Author Notes

A brief introduction to using Stardust Splines in After Effects, how i've been using them on recent projects, and how to quickly integrate nulls from 3D into After Effects into your comp.

0:01 Introduction

1:45 Using Mask VS Splines Approach

2:49 Spline Overview

11:44 Client Project Examples

16:07 Technique Overview with plugins and scripts

18:15 Creating Nulls in 3D (Maya)

22:00 Importing Nulls using Maya Live Link

23:39 Creating Splines from imported Nulls

26:40 Implementation overview

27:40 Importance of Scene scale when working with 3D data & After Effects

31:02 Technique Summary


Plugins / Scripts Mentioned / used in this process

Maya Live Link:

Null Swapper:

Rename Selected Layers:



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