Mister Horse Animation Composer FAQ

Aug 6, 2021 by Mister Horse

How do I install Animation Composer? (No installer available error)

Animation Composer uses Mister Horse's own installer called Mister Horse Product Manager. You have to download the latest version from our website here (the main download button).

More details here.

How do I download my products? 

When you purchase a pack for Animation Composer an email should have arrived with activation instructions. However, you can also get the pack working by clicking the "Info" button right next to the license in My Downloads & Licenses section.

What do I get with Animation Composer Pro?

Animation Composer Pro is an unlockable feature, which allows you to add your own project files, video, audio and other media files. Animation Composer Pro doesn't include any presets, if you would like to add more Mister Horse items to Animation Compsoer, please checkout all of the available packs.